Joint Poster Session

EuroSys 2014 Workshops
April 13, 2014 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Participating Workshops

The Concept

A joint poster and demo session is a new concept which starts this year. The goal of the joint poster and demo session is to allow for an interdisciplinary exchange between all EuroSys 2014 workshops participants. Authors of all accepted papers will have a chance to prepare a poster or a demo about their work. All workshops will accommodate a common slot in their agenda (Sunday, the 13th of April from 15.30 till 16.30) during which the poster / demo session will be held. EuroSys organizers have prepared a number of poster stands which can be used by the authors to display the posters and demos during the session. The poster and demo session is co-located with the afternoon coffee break - we hope that this arrangement will foster an informal exchange and discussions.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to participate in the session by preparing a poster or a demo. In general we recommend preparing a poster also for a demonstration as this will allow attracting a wider audience and will provide a visual feedback to the audience, especially if you are currently busy explaining your demo in a one on one fashion.

Preparing Your Poster and Demo

Organizers provide poster stands for poster sizes up to A0, oriented vertically. We also recommend that your poster is not smaller than A1. For preparing your poster we suggest that you consult the following pages, which provide a good amount of guidance and best practices:

Please be aware that if you intend to show a demo of your work it has to run off your laptop - as we do not provide any additional infrastructure. Please also indicate to us that you will be showing a demo so that we can provision for a sufficient number of tables.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the joint poster and demo session you can either contact directly your workshop chairs or you can drop us a note at